Friday, June 18, 2010

The Latest "IT" Bag Is Here!!!

I'm sure you've all seen Nicole Richie running around with this amazing patchwork, tassel, and embroidered bag.  Her bag is by celeb stylist Simone Camille, and it's like two grand!  Great news though, we just got in the same bags by Raj, and guess what, they're only $275!!!
They're all basically from the same place, but every designer has just added their little touches to them.
No two are exactly the same which is part of the beauty of them!  You will never see anyone skipping around with your same bag:)

Celeb fans include Nicole Richie (of course) and Miley Cyrus

But like I said, they're all different and we've already sold two, so hurry in and pick out your fave!

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