Saturday, August 23, 2008

Elizabeth and James

Remember those twins from Full House? You know, the ones who became billionaires by the time they were 9? Oh yeah! Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! The brains behind the operation called Elizabeth and James, a line that reflects their personal style to a T. Awesome blazers, skinny black trousers, and slouchy tops are just the tip of the ice berg for these two. So we are excited to announce that the line has arrived, come check it out!

New Trend Alert!

Now, we know you all have seen A list celebs rocking a new denim look that includes boyfriend style jeans rolled up with some heels. The more we see it, the more it grows on us. So who is behind this crazy trend? Current & Elliot, an awesome new denim line that we are excited to carry for Fall. Finally, something different! They're comfy, slouchy, yet absolutely adorable. So now if you don't feel like squeezing into those skin tight skinnys, you have another fabulous option!

New J Brand Denim!

New arrivals of our favorite denim! We can't get enough! We have everything from the beloved Lovestory style, to the classic 12" Pencil Leg! Not only are J Brands timeless and chic, but their prices won't make you go into retail shock, gotta love that!

Kids Corner!

Cool threads from Little Celebrity are here! These tees with have you little tyke looking like the coolest kid in school...or the crib! How can you go wrong with slogans like "Professional Air Guitarist" and "I've Got A Black Belt In Being Cute"? Hurry up and snag one before they're all gone!