Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Introducing Nuggard Designs...

 "T" Agate Necklace

Agate Ring

Single Agate Necklace
Bubbles Rings 

Single Agate featured in GLAMOUR MAGAZINE
Agate Ring Featured in REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE

Catt Sadler from E's DAILY 10 wearing the Bubble Ring
Nuggard is a beautiful jewelry line that is produced out of Miami, but handcrafted in Brazil.
The line uses a mix of materials including natural agate stones, and golden grass.  Golden Grass is grown only in the Northwest of Brazil and can only be picked once a year.  This natural material is one of the main sources of income for local communities in the area.  Local artisans use weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations and generations.  All Nuggard pieces are designed by Nuggard, but exclusively made by Brazillian artisans.  Only environmentally conscious practices are used when extracting materials for their designs. 
We hope you love the line as much as we do!

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