Friday, September 18, 2009

FALL'S HOTTEST TREND: Legging Jeans!!!

The season's hottest trend is the denim legging! Leggings are obviously here to stay and so are skinny jeans, so why not combine the two?
No one wants to wear a super stiff uncomfortable skinny jean, that's why everyone loves leggings!
The new styles from J Brand are AMAZING!!!
Olympia (above) is the nicest dark denim wash that you're sure to wear day in and day out.

J Brand also came out with a black version, the Pitch wash (above).
So nice. Both styles $140.

Malibu Denim also came out with a denim legging. And we all know what they're known for, right? Cashmere in their denim!
Now imagine that in a legging jean!
The Savannah in Shark (above) is a really cute dark grey, and the Jetty (below) is black.

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