Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Our girls from the Movement Showroom, aka Blue Life, Jen's Pirate Booty (above), and kickin' it with Tracey and Jeffrey from the Globe Showroom, aka LINE, Falls etc. (below).

So many of you have wondered what it's like to go to a trade show.... While many might think that all we do is shop all day; that's somewhat true, but not entirely:) We work HARD!!! We go to about four to five shows a year, including D&A (Designers and Agents) in LA, Coterie in NYC, and Project in Las Vegas. Trust me, it is a ton of fun, and really exciting; but it's also exhausting!! Usually by the end of the day, you can find us camped out, surrounded by paperwork, with some bad reality television on:) We've made some really great friends over the years, and it's always fun to see them and catch up! Tamara and myself (Laura) started taking some pics and notes on our most recent jaunt to Vegas. In upcoming posts, we'll start giving you some inside dish on upcoming trends, our favorite must haves, and things we can't wait to get in the store......

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